onde nace a pedra | donde nace la piedra | where the stone is born | où la pierre est né | wo der stein geboren ist
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Video from Cuatro Chanel News about Dumbría Cemetery (Spain) - Project by Godoy Maceira Group

Video of Housing complex and business Eurocenter (Costa Rica) - Project by Godoy Maceira Group

News in digital media about our works and projects: (only in spanish)

> Group Godoy Maceira, committed to the environment, gets the certificate Enérgya VM electricity 100% renewable origin.

> Godoy Maceira S.L. wins Mudega Awards for supportind women sport.
Faro de Vigo 29-06-2014

> Godoy Maceira involved in the restoration of the Pambre castle.
La Voz de Galicia 21-02-2014

> A bench in Mondariz for Mr. Gerardo. - Faro de Vigo 25-11-2012

> Godoy Maceira S.L. wins an award for supporting sport - I Sport Awards Concello
do Porriño - Faro de Vigo 02-07-2012

> The most innovative cemetery in Galicia is finished - La Voz de Galicia 21-02-2012

> The Calvario District inaugurates its fountains whith Pop music - Faro de Vigo 19-05-2011

> The Museum of Human Evolution surprised the Queen - ABC 13-07-2010

> Real Madrid opened its new Sports City in Valdebebas - El País 30-09-2005

> Inaugurated the new buildings to expand the Reina Sofia Museum - El Mundo 26-09-2005

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