onde nace a pedra | donde nace la piedra | where the stone is born | où la pierre est né | wo der stein geboren ist
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Gomacons is the area of the group dedicated to construction and placement of the materials.

We have our
own Architecture and Site Management Department.

Gomacons is created due to the necessity of our clients of having
professional qualified services for stone placement, especially for the placement of high specialized products.

The placement works of our professionals has a high demand in restoration works of buildings as well as in emblematic building works.

The company is registered, as building contractor company, in the Official Register of Tenderers and State Classified Companies with the following classifications: C 04 D, C 06 C and G 06 D.


We do restoration works in pazos, historic town centres, religious buildings, private houses and all kind of buildings and emblematic structures.

Preservation of our heritage is of great importance and our works guaranty the quality of our services. We have done many restoration projects nationwide.

In the following gallery you will see some of our latest restoration work:

Centeáns s/n | Pontellas | O Porriño | Pontevedra | SPAIN